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What We Do

The Arc of East Ascension's service professionals are adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are able and eager to perform a variety of jobs in the community. Each individual is screened and their abilities are matched to your specific needs. These jobs not only promote well-being and independence but also provide the businesses with dependable, productive and stable workers. 


Our Supported Employment Services prepare workers in basic work skills, including job responsibilities, safety, attendance, punctuality and work ethic. The Arc of East Ascension provides assistance in training workers until they fully meet performance standards for typical full or part-time positions. The Arc of East Ascension provides employees who perform consistently and with the highest quality of work possible. 


If you are interested in The Arc of East Ascension assisting your business in finding qualified employees, please call us. We would like to meet with you to discuss your specific needs to help your business. 

People First of Ascension

People First of Ascension is a self-advocacy program designed to ensure the protection of rights, to encourage individuals to speak up for themselves and to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 


The organization is run by and for individuals with developmental disabilities. It supports persons with disabilities and empowers them to become effective decision-makers, to gain more independence and to enjoy life as equal citizens. People First of Ascension is part of a state-wide organization that provides practical assistance and support needed for individuals to become self-advocates. The group empowers members to take control of their lives and actively participate in and contribute to their local communities. 

Mission Statement - We are People First of Louisiana, an organization created and led by people with disabilities. We speak out for the rights of people with disabilities. We work together to make life better for all people.

Med Ascension​

Med Ascension is a resource of The Arc of East Ascension that stores used medical equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, shower chairs, etc. to people in our community to borrow at no cost. If you are in need of such equipment, please contact us at

(225) 621-2000.

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